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Training for new lecturers of TMA


Training for new lecturers of TMA

Orientation meetings were held for new lecturers of TMA. Training was held for the participants of the meeting on the topic: Basic Principles of Medical Education Methodology. In an interactive format, the lecturers got acquainted with the essence of Competency-Based Medical Education, student-oriented learning, and active learning methods. Also, they took part in the exercises, the purpose of which was to get acquainted with the rights and duties of the teacher involved in modern medical education.

Within the framework of the meeting, in order to familiarize the new lecturers with the mission, the head of the Institutional Culture Development Department of TMA, Maka Maglakelidze, conducted the meeting interactively, allowing the participants to express their opinions freely.

The participants of the meeting got acquainted with the directions of the strategic development of the Academy, the educational program, library resources, and the electronic management system. They also had the opportunity to visit the educational infrastructure of TMA, the clinical skills center, the anatomage, and the teaching-research laboratory.

After the meetings, participants were tasked with creating a self-reflection of the training.