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Training "Volunteering Culture"



What do "Volunteering Culture" and socially active life mean? On the initiative of the TMA student club "Helpers of Community", training on this topic was held at TMA. The training was led by the head of the club, Anano Akhobadze.

Representatives from partner non-governmental organizations "Helping Hand" and "Young European Ambassadors" also participated in the event, and spoke about the development of volunteering culture and all the plans and ideas that can be implemented together with the "Helpers of Community" club.

"In general, it is very important to hold such informal meetings because, along with formal education, informal education plays a very important role in human development. This is exactly what we, my organization, my partner organizations, and representatives of the entire civil society are serving so that young people get more opportunities and information. We are always happy that schoolchildren and students are actively involved in similar activities and are interested in volunteer work, thank you very much for this opportunity" said Medea Gatenadze, who is the manager of youth programs of the non-governmental organization "Helping Hand".

In the framework of the training, the representatives of the "Young European Ambassadors" organization, Mariam Kurdadze and Luka Kupatadze, presented to the audience the projects implemented and talked about the necessity of volunteering. Also, on ERASMUS+ exchange programs, which the organization offers with full funding to students interested in volunteering. It should also be noted that the organization is a part of the EU NEIGHBORS East regional communication program at the same time.

The event was summed up by the head of the "Helpers of Community” club. She thanked the invited speakers for participating in the training and once again emphasized the importance and necessity of volunteering culture in society, especially among young people. "Today, for the first time, the training "Volunteering Culture" was held in TMA. It was also important that the speakers representing the "Young European Ambassadors" and the representatives of the non-governmental organization "Helping Hand" were with us. The main goal of both of these organizations is to raise awareness of volunteering culture activities. Accordingly, their goals are directly aligned with the goals of our student club "Helpers of Community", which I lead. The goal of our club is to share more information about social responsibility with students," said Anano Akhobadze.