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"6 Days of Country Doctor" – Guria - Photo Exhibition


TMA's transdisciplinary photo project "6 Days of Country Doctor" continues. This year, the project tells the story of doctors living in the highland villages of Guria. Six students of TMA traveled to the villages of Chokhatauri municipality (Chkhakoura, Kvabgha, Zemo Surebi, Satchamiaseri, and Vanzomleti) and captured the daily life of the doctors working there on photos.

How does one day of country doctors look like, their daily existence and work process, the students participating in the project shared with the public through photos and notes.

The exhibition was hosted by Baia Gallery, where visitors had the opportunity to get to know personally the heroes of the project - doctors from Guria and students participating in the project.

"Since its inception, this project has brought great emotions to us, to the doctors employed in the highland region, and to me personally. I met extraordinary students distinguished by their knowledge, learning, and intelligence. They are very collegial towards the older generation. They have an extraordinary ability and culture of receiving advice and sharing experience," said Marina Sikharulidze, a doctor from the village of Zemo Surebi, Guria municipality, who is one of the doctors participating in the project.

The goal of the project is to increase the awareness of doctors living in the highland region and to foster medical professionalism among students. In addition, it is focused on presenting the role, importance, and dedication of the village doctor to the public. Also, to promote the motivation of employment of young doctors in mountainous regions and villages.

"Participation in the project was a great experience for me. It showed me in a completely different way what the work of a doctor is. I hope this exhibition has achieved its goal and brought to the audience the importance of the life and work of these people. I had a desire to be a village doctor for some time," said Salome Mumladze, one of the students participating in the project.

"6 Days of Country Doctor" was implemented for the first time in 2022 in the highlands of Adjara. TMA students traveled to the villages of Adjara and introduced the doctors working there to the public.

It is important that the project has an ongoing character and TMA continues to cooperate with the village doctors participating in the project in different ways. The Academy conducted skin cancer screening in Adjara last year with the participation of village doctors. Also, TMA provides online English language courses for doctors participating in the project.

The social project is still ongoing. The third season will be held in Lechkhumi, Svaneti, and Akhaltsikhe. Six students have already been selected, who will introduce the life of doctors in the villages of these regions to the public. The implementation of the third season of the project will begin in the fall. Before that, students will go through the preparatory stages with the co-author of the project, photographer Leli Blagonravova.

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