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"Studfest 2024" has ended


The youth festival "Studfest 2024" has ended. The festival featured sports competitions, cultural and creative events, volunteer activities, and more. TMA students actively participated in both sports and intellectual activities. This year, the festival boasted about 25,000 participants and 665 winning students. Among the winners were TMA students, who also won several prizes.

The TMA team (Khatia Devadze, Giorgi Barakadze, and Davit Marjanidze) secured second place in the student debate. Shota Solomonidze became the second runner-up in the backgammon competition, and Nutsa Gabitashvili won third place in the tennis competition. Academy students also participated in the intellectual game "What? Where? When?"

Additionally, TMA students were involved in the volunteering component of Studfest 2024. The "Helpers of Community" student club implemented the "Eco Pulse" project, engaging students from public and private schools. The project aims to empower young people to address environmental challenges in our society through educational activities. Adults with special educational needs from the social enterprise "Babale" also participated in the project, and the students involved received certificates of participation.

Academy students participated in the following sports activities: Mini football, Checkers, Chess, Volleyball, Kart racing, Billiards, Paintball, Basketball, and Rafting.

"Studfest 2024" was initiated by the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Georgia and organized by the Youth Agency of the State of Georgia, Tbilisi City Hall, and the Association of Georgian Student Organizations.