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ECG course for TMA students


ECG course for TMA students

The student club "Guardians Of The Heart Squad" organized electrocardiography (ECG) courses for interested TMA students. Sessions were conducted in both Georgian and English, led by club head Rishu Shah and co-head Gvantsa Omiadze. The aim was to provide fundamental ECG knowledge to participants.

The sessions included interactive elements such as discussions, and quizzes, and concluded with a Kahoot game. Kahoot is an online game-based learning platform that combines educational games and tests in various subjects and languages.

Approximately 20 students participated in the course, and the winners of the game received ECG rulers provided by TMA in collaboration with the Winter School of Arrhythmia.

The club noted a high level of student interest in the course and promised many engaging activities in the future.

Their motto, "Staying current and rhythmic," reflects their goal of uniting students around cardiology topics.