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Medicine and Art – NEUROSCIENCE


Medicine and Art – NEUROSCIENCE

The Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy is realizing the project – Kids University “Medicine and Art”. Registration is required for participation in the project -

Art and neuroscience have been intertwined for centuries. Surgeons and researchers those were investigating cranial cavities (i.e., Santiago Ramón y Cajal) drew their findings. These artistic renderings played a critical role and help researchers grapple with the mysteries of our most vital organ. Methods for exploring the brain have been developed, and our understanding has been evolved.

British neurobiologist Christopher Tyler studied in detail six paintings of Leonardo da Vinci's and concluded that the famous author of 'The Last Supper' and 'Gioconda' was characterized by exotropia, his one eye has been turned outward. The exotropia might contribute to da Vinci's exceptional ability to capture space on the flat canvas.

The results of the magnetic resonance imaging study revealed that the experience of mathematical beauty correlates with activity in the same part of the brain as the experience of beauty derived from art or music. For example, Brain's reaction to the Euler's equation has been likened to that of Hamlet monologue.

To explore these specific and other examples of the links between neuroscience and art register and get involved in the project.

Painting: Dance of the Connections | Sara Ambrosino, Emmanuela Ambrosino