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We Won This Battle – “Pink October” Campaign


We Won This Battle – “Pink October” Campaign

We Won This Battle – “Pink October” Campaign

"The huge factor for my recovery was the doctor's approach, correct diagnosis, correct treatment. In addition to professionalism, a doctor should be personally warm" – Teona.

"Psychological preparation of the patient is necessary. It is not cancer, but words and psychological conditions that kill. First of all, a doctor should be a human being. Her/his correct approach is the main and necessary thing" – Khatuna.

Khatuna and Teona draw attention to the importance of the relationship between the doctor and the patient and emphasize the importance of the doctor's speech, his attitude and the right approach to the patient.

When asked who are the most important people in terms of support for overcoming cancer, the women named the women united in the "Europa Dona Georgia" organization, those who have already gone through the same path.

"After the operation, I got to the office of "Europa Donna Georgia". I found a completely positive environment here. Even though I'm from the medical field myself, I'm a dentist, it was a huge factor for me to get here. The girls here shared so much information that a doctor can't physically show you. Here I saw “tangible” people. Relationships with surviving patients are important. Now we are examples for others. I am a patient who beat cancer 8 years ago" – Tamar.

"When you get a diagnosis, vulnerability is very high, you don't know what you want, where to go, who to turn to for help. It's like you're lost in time and space. However, I found myself with a doctor who gave me a completely different emotional strength. Followed my feelings closely. He wore pink because I loved that color. He expressed his full support. That is why it is important to have a connection between the doctor and the patient. There should be no obstacle between them. The doctor's positivity gives you a boost. "If there is something to worry about, let's worry together" - the doctor told me, and we did everything together, we won this war" – Megi.

During the conversation, the women noted that a person's mood and psychological state are very important. The main thing is how you approach your own diagnosis.

"My father died of cancer. I was constantly getting screened and one day it turned out that I have cancer. One day I cried myself and from the next day I decided that I have to fight harder. I thought of my mother first. I asked myself if I wanted to live, of course I want to, I must win!

I am a military person myself and I believe that I was born to win. That is why I am ready to win this war. However, this war differs from the real war in that you are here alone. Even though you have a lot of people around you, you are still alone in this fight. But you are not alone in the war, you have a partner, you have your back, the team is big, and there you entrust your life to someone else, you can draw a parallel, but you are still alone in this war. You are all alone with your emotions and thoughts," says Zoya, who is currently undergoing treatment and is sure that she will win this war as well. She is a career manager and gender researcher. She lives with her diagnosis and continues to work as usual. She says that it is necessary for her, it helps her. Zoya is a woman who fought in the August 2008 war. On the other hand, the girls also encourage her and tell her that as in the war, they stand behind her and encourage her.

"Why did cancer come to me? I had a question and a feeling. My mother was a cancer patient, and after her death, I began to panic that I might get cancer, however, it did happen to me, and after learning the diagnosis, I breathed a sigh of relief, as if I had been waiting for it. How strange isn't it? But knowing the diagnosis calmed me down and I started to fight. Being diagnosed with cancer was a relief, it opened me up and made me stronger. Yes, I want life" – Tiko, 30 years old.

These are amazing stories of women who beat breast cancer and shared their experiences with our students today. Within the framework of "Pink October", TMA students met cancer patients in the space of "Europa Donna Georgia".

The purpose of the meeting was to hear real stories from real patients, to further understand the role and importance of the doctor, and to see the need for the bond that is so important between the doctor and the patient.

"Very positive emotions came from these people. They went through a difficult path and I realized how important the relationship between the doctor and the patient is, because the doctor is the person who allows you not only to go through the right path of treatment, but also emotionally and mentally gives you the strength to fight. I wanted to be a doctor since childhood, and after this meeting I was even more convinced that I really chose the right profession" - Mariam Mepharishvili, TMA student.

As part of the breast cancer awareness campaign, TMA has announced a painting competition, the aim of which is for participants to create paintings related to breast cancer awareness.

The paintings presented in the contest will be sold and the proceeds will be transferred to the “Europa Donna Georgia’s” Fund.