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Reflective Session


Reflective Session

Breast cancer is not a verdict! What should we know about this disease and how should we prevent it? Is mammography the only method for diagnosing breast cancer? What is the level of awareness among citizens about breast cancer and its screening?

To answer these questions, TMA hosted the reflective session.

“I am always excited to meet your students. Today was special. Informative presentations were made by students. It was an amazing interaction. I think the academy is doing a wonderful job of developing future doctors in the right way. As a cancer patient, I believe that the correct approach of doctors to cancer patients is one of the keys to the patient continuing to fight with attitude and not giving up so that in the end we get the result called recovery and continuation of quality life" - said Anna Mazanishvili, who is the president of Europe Donna Georgia and the founder of Onco-Society the Hope.

Within the framework of the event, TMA students made presentations that raised awareness about breast cancer.

"At today's meeting, I also gave a presentation where I discussed breast cancer symptoms, types, stages of cancer development, people at risk of breast cancer, ways of its treatment, etc. For me, as a student, it was exciting to hear the stories shared by onco-patients and I was once again convinced that cancer is not a sentence, the main thing is to detect it at an early stage and get the right treatment" – mentioned TMA student, Snekamuki Muthukumaran.

The mammologist, onco-surgeon, and academic doctor of medicine Tamila Roinishvili of the National Screening Center also spoke to the students about breast cancer, who emphasized the relevance of the topic and how important it is that future doctors pay attention to this disease, which is widespread among women. "It was nice to meet because the students presented interesting reports related to breast cancer. I believe that in the process of this search, students deepen the mentioned issue, and understand the mentioned topic from the point of view of the relationship between the patient and the doctor. Especially since today's guests are people who have passed this disease. Therefore, sharing their feelings and emotions is another piece of information that a student cannot read in a book. This will help them to treat not only the disease but also the patient," she said.

The head of the radiological service of the screening center, Tamar Charkviani, made a report on the importance of breast cancer screening and mammography. She reviewed the level of awareness of citizens about breast cancer and its screening. Also, she spoke about the screening process, results, and population health and based on international and local experience, discussed several medical and organizational cases.

The event was attended by TMA students and administrative staff, as well as representatives of TMA partner organizations Europa Donna Georgia and the National Screening Center.