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Mind Matter Symposium


Mind Matter Symposium

TMA hosted a three-day "Mind Matter Symposium" organized by the TMA Dandy Club.

The first day of the symposium was dedicated to " Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease”, which was presented by TMA students Madhura Kulkarni, Aaarzoo Rao, and Malima Chikhladze.

After the presentation, attendees had the opportunity to participate in two interactive workshops. Brain Lobe and Cranial Nerve Examination Workshop.

The Brain Lobe workshop was dedicated to sharing practical experiences about the functions and anatomical locations of different brain lobes. Participants also engaged in interactive activities and discussions that allowed them to learn more about the anatomy of the brain and how it affects human mental health and cognition.

The audience attending the Cranial Nerve Examination Workshop was given the opportunity to learn important skills for assessing cranial nerve function and identifying abnormalities.

On the second day of the symposium, Dandy TMA members Nutsa Gabitashvili, Giorgi Tabidze, and Mancho Lomadze showcased a presentation on the topic „Dissociative Identity Disorders“. The presentation included important information about this complex mental health condition, including the impact it has on society.

A panel discussion on "The Problem of Self-Diagnosis: A Peek into ADHD, BPD, and OCD" was also held as part of the symposium. Led by TMA alumni, Dr. Khatia Khatiashvili, the session participants engaged in a discussion that explored the challenges and implications of self-diagnosis in mental health. The issue focused on the following problems: Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The session was chaired by Dandy TMA Senator Tony Varghese.

The second day of the symposium ended with the workshop "Art as a Therapy". This interactive session allowed participants to explore different artistic expressions as means of self-expression and healing.

The third day of the symposium was dedicated to Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), presentation was given by Tony Varghese, Madhura Kulkarni, and Tatia Tsnobiladze. The participants of the event received important information about the principles, application, and therapeutic potential of DBS in the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders. The presentation included an overview of DBS technology and its impact on improving patient outcomes.

After the presentation, the event participants had the opportunity to ask questions to the world's leading surgeons. Dr. Antonia Malli, Dr. Lika Khorbaladze, Dr. Oyeleye Egunjobi and Dr. Nawel Rosa Habchi answered the audience's questions and shared their own and global practice around neurosurgical issues.

Representatives from Dandy TSMU also participated in the symposium and presented a presentation on neurotrauma, led by Kadir Khan. Attendees received comprehensive information on the management and treatment of traumatic brain injuries. The speaker also talked about the latest achievements in neurotrauma care and reviewed the practices spread around the world in this direction.

The third day of the symposium ended with a workshop - Virtual Brain Dissection using VR Lens: using the latest virtual reality technology.